Boot Camp

East Lansing Roller Derby 
Basic Skills Boot Camp – Winter 2018
(Pack 8)


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East Lansing Roller Derby's
7 week, 15 session, Roller Derby basic skills boot camp

Boot Camp Sessions
First day of camp – TBD
Last day of camp – TBD
Home Bout Welcome Aboard – Saturday,  March 3rd
Skills Testing – TBD

Times & Locations
Time/location are TBD – we are still finalizing last minute details with our venue! 
Estimated boot camp start date is January 21st

$75 due day 1 of camp or upon registration
[accepting cash or check or online payment]

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! We will teach you everything you need to know.
All women over the age of 18 years are eligible to join East Lansing Roller Derby. 
Will consider men (all ages) and girls (ages 15-17) on a case by case basis. 
For more info contact

Sunday, January 7
6:30-8:30 PM

Court One Training Center (7868 Old M-78 Rd, East Lansing, MI 48823)
Join us at a meet & greet  East Lansing Roller Derby practice where you will meet the team, receive a brief introduction of expectations, have an opportunity to ask questions, watch a practice and if needed, get fitted for loaner gear.

Gear is required to be purchased ahead of time. We have limited loaner gear available. The items you will need are:
-Roller DerbyQuad Skates
-Knee pads
-Elbow pads
-Wrist Guard
-Mouth Guard

**Visit our friends at All About Derby Action Board SportsModern Skate & Surf to pick up all your roller derby needs!

No prior experience is necessary in order to participate. That includes never having skated before. No really, we’re serious. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who come in with ZERO experience and move on to become some of our best skaters. During our boot camp we teach you proper skating form and stance, agility, game play, strategy and everything in between that will allow you to become a successful and safe skater. The boot camp is run by members of our coaches and training staff, accompanied by help from the current Mitten Mavens veteran skaters.  Our system is built to develop skaters to their full potential, regardless of prior skill experience and ability, never limiting or discriminating against any member. Ever.  Our organization values a collective learning approach to provide unique perspectives from a  unified mission of a core leadership group. We feel this diverse learning experience provides participants the best possible opportunity to flourish in a safe and positive environment.

Basic Skills Boot Camp is run twice a week for 7 consecutive weeks. Thie first 3 weeks is a 101 style, level 1 beginner course. It is required that all boot camp participants complete the 101 trainings. Don't worry if you don't pass right away, we now offer 101's continually throughout the season. After the completeion of the Level 1 -101, skaters move onto Levels 2 & 3 consecutively, followed by a minimum skills test at the conclusion of the boot camp. The boot camp is designed to prepare participants to take the WFTDA minimum skills test at the conclusion of the boot camp instruction.

Skaters progressively learn the skills required to play roller derby in three sections.

Level 1 – Basic (101)

Level 2 – Intermediate

Level 3 – Advanced

Stopping (Plow, Knee Drop, T-stop)

Speed control

Increased endurance

Proper falling form & how to fall

Keeping up with a paceline

Advanced agility

Strides, pushing and crossovers

Pack work (skating in a group)

Hitting (receiving and giving)

Roller Derby stance

Endurance drills (27/5)

Advanced rules/ strategy

Turning around/ Skating backwards

Toe stop (control, stepping, lateral)

WFTDA minimum skills test

Skating around people/ avoiding

Positional blocking


Jumping & Landing

Basic game play & strategy


Minimal Contact (leaning)


Assists (whips and pushes)



Completing Bootcamp

Participants of this camp have the option, once the camp has been completed, to join the East Lansing Roller Derby league whether they pass through all of their skills or not. Participants have a number of ways to get involved with the league;

  • Mitten Mavens –Women’s Roller Derby Team

    • Women who are 18 or older are eligible to join the Mitten Mavens.

  • Everyone 18 or older is eligible to official (Referee and Non-Skating Official)

In other words, once you say you want to be a Maven, you are! On skates or not, skills tested or not, you are still a part of the family. To particpate in bouts/scrimmages and contact portions of practice, you will be required to pass your minimum safety skills. If you don't pass on the first try, you still are encouraged to participate in practices, attend available 101's and be a part of the team! 

Upon completion of the camp, joining our league is NOT a requirement. That’s why we welcome other leagues to send their freshmeat or any skaters looking to work on their skills to also participate in the program. We never poach players and highly encourage skaters to stay with their leagues and help them grow! Overall, our goal is to promote the sport of roller derby across the state, teach safety and help everyone become their full potential.

For more information and questions visit our facebook

or email

Disclaimer: After completion of full boot camp, a minimum skills test will be taken. Those who pass will be eligible for full contact with the Women's Flat Track team (East Lansing Mitten Mavens). Both teams are part of the East Lansing Roller Derby league. All participants are eligible to become ELRD members and begin to pay dues. Participants who do not pass can continue to practice and work towards completing skills with ELRD teams, and take skills test again during next testing cycle. ELRD has a rolling admissions policy and typically re-test skaters who have not yet passed 2-4 times per year.

*YOU are NOT required to join at the completion of the camp. This means if you intend to skate with a different league, you are still welcome to attend in order to gain the beginner skills necessary to become a skills tested skater for your league.

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