Visiting & Transfer Skaters

Visiting & Transfer Skaters

Visiting Skaters:

Are you in the Lansing, Michigan area? Is it your off season and you are looking for a practice to crash? Stop by the Mitten Mavens Roller Derby Practice! We are welcoming of all skaters – no drop in fee- just give us the head's up via email and we will give you the a-ok!

Email : 

for the most direct response. You can also contact us via our facebook page private messanger, however timely responses are not guarenteed! 
In your email, please include your name, current league and which night you plan to visit. We will tell you what type of practice to expect and if you will need to bring anything along (i.e., black and whites for scrimmaging). 


Transfer Skaters:

Have you played roller derby before? Ready to join a different league? Fill out this transfer skater form and return it either via email to

OR turn it in at a practice. Much like visiting skaters, please always send a head's up email letting us know of your proposed start date and we will let you know the practice to expect.

Questions? Ask away at the email listed above and we will answer any questions you may have!

Transfer Skater Application Form